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Why are our products different in Canada and the USA?

We are proud to make the products available in the USA right here in the USA.

We do everything we can to reduce our environmental footprint.  That means we source our ingredients and components, as well as manufacture the finished product as close to the consumer as we can.  This means less shipping back and forth of both components and our finished product.

The Government of the United States of America has deemed personal lubricant as a Class II medical device and in order to get a license to sell lubricant in the USA the FDA requires very strict and very expensive tests be conducted.  A couple of those tests involve animals.  Our lubricant formulas that are available in the USA are made in the USA, and have an FDA assigned 510(k).  The product for sale in the USA is made in the USA and those formulas have been tested on animals as the laws of the USA require.

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